Private Suite with Kitchenette

Accommodations, Private Suite with Kitchenette


Nazareth House Los Angeles offers a variety of housing spaces, including private suites perfect for married couples, who want more spacious accommodations.

The private suites feature large living rooms; kitchenettes with sink, refrigerator and microwave oven; bedrooms are generously spacious and can easily accommodate queen-size beds; huge walk-in closets; and private bathrooms with walk-in showers. Each is equipped with an emergency call system to bring that extra layer of security.

It’s perfect for singles, too, who would like to enjoy more personal space.

New residents are encouraged to bring their favorite furniture from home. These rooms can accommodate a lot of memories and each reflects a rich life.

Many of the suites offer a courtyard view. Special attention has been paid to the grounds to bring a feel of tranquility.

Not an early riser? Enjoy breakfast in your home. Afternoon tea is a simple task and midnight snacks are just a short walk away. Enjoy.


 Private Room

 Private Room, Nazareth House Los Angeles, USA


These large bedrooms with private bath facilities are the perfect size for a blended sleeping and living area.

All private rooms feature carpeting or wood floors. Each is freshly painted before your arrival and ready for your favorite art and family photos. Residents are encouraged to bring their personal mementos and furniture for decorating.

Each private room  boasts a large walk-in closet, spacious bathroom facility with a walk-in shower. Safety and  independence are blended to offer residents a feeling of privacy while knowing that if help is needed, it’s only a call button away.