The Community

Community, Sister with resident, Nazareth House Los Angeles, USA


There is a gentle peace in the halls of Nazareth House, a sense of knowing that prayer is the answer to any question one might wonder. It was prayer that brought many of the residents to this place they now call home.

One long-time volunteer, who now resides here, confessed that from the moment she walked into the home, she prayed that the Lord would see that she could live here some day. "My mother lived here, some of my friends and now me, too," said Teresa Greco DiGioia. "People are happy here."

Many of the residents came here as volunteers when they were younger, or to visit friends and relatives. "The first time I walked in the door and saw Christ with his arms outstretched I knew he was welcoming me to come here and stay for the rest of my life," Vivian Rodriques said. "You don't just come here and sit, there's too much life and too much to get done."

Some say it’s the feeling of safety that makes this house a home; others comment on the great companionship and laughter. And practically everyone compliments the great food, home cooking with an aroma that teases the senses and great recipes that complete the dining experience.