The Process

 Sisters of Nazareth, CA, USA


The inquiry phase is a time to get to know each other and to discern a woman’s call to religious life; particularly to the Sisters of Nazareth. This includes regular contact with our vocation recruiter to help you discover if religious life is the path you are being invited to follow.

There will be opportunities for visits and prayer with the Sisters, and participation in retreat/discernment days. You may be invited for short live-in and ministry experiences.

When you and our vocation recruiter feel ready and agree that The Nazareth Way is right for both, you will be invited to submit your application to enter with the Sisters of Nazareth.



When your application is approved by the Regional Council, you will be welcomed into a Nazareth Community to begin the next phase as postulant. The postulancy phase is between twelve and twenty-four months. It will provide opportunities for you to continue to grow personally and spiritually under the direction of the postulant minister. You will participate more fully in the prayer, ministry and community of the Sisters on a day-to-day basis.

At the end of the postulancy, you and the postulant minister will come to a decision regarding continuing on the journey as a novice. If favorable, you will be invited to submit your application for reception into the Novitiate and agree to psychological and medical testing.



Once your application for acceptance to the novitiate is approved, you will join women from our other regions in the international novitiate at the Mother House in Hammersmith, London.

The novitiate is a two year period of intense study and deepening of your spiritual life. Under the direction of the novice director, the novice deepens her understanding of the vows, religious life, spirituality, prayer and the life of the Sisters of Nazareth. It also includes live-in experiences in two Nazareth communities. During this time, the novice prepares to make her first profession of vows.


Temporary Profession

Temporary profession begins with first profession where the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience are made for one year. The vows are renewed for one year for each of the subsequent two years. If deemed appropriate after a minimum of five
years as a temporary professed Sister, a Sister may request to make final vows. At the end of the third year, the vows are renewed for two years. A sister may remain in temporary profession for a maximum of nine years.


Perpetual Profession

Perpetual profession is made when the temporary professed Sister and the Sisters of Nazareth mutually agree that both parties are ready to make the commitment for life.