A day in the Life

 Sister marie

The daily horarium for each community provides for the wise distribution of time for prayer, for the apostolate, for recreation and for rest.


(Constitutions of the Congregation)


 Daily Horarium can differ according

to local needs


 A Typical Daily Horarium


5.30 am


6.00 am

Morning Prayer

6.15 am


6.45 am

The Eucharist (Mass)

7.30 am


8.00 am

Apostolate (Ministry)

10.30 am

Morning Tea

11.00 am

Study Sessions/Prayer/Apostolate

12.50 pm

Midday Prayer

1.00 pm


1.45 pm

Personal Prayer

3.00 pm

Personal Interest e.g. craft work

4.00 pm

Afternoon Tea

4.15 pm


6.00 pm

Rosary and Evening Prayer/Holy Hour

7.00 pm


7.30 pm

Night Prayer

7.45 pm

Community Recreation

9.00 pm



Our daily schedule is filled with the complements of prayer and service, laughter and quiet acts of community kindness.  It is a balanced day devoted to the furthering of the kingdom of God within the Nazareth community and throughout our world.


The Sisters prayer life consists of:

 divine office 

      •      Daily Mass
      •      Divine Office              
      •      Meditation
      •      Rosary and Dolour Rosary
      •      Personal Prayer
      •      Scripture Reading
      •      Spiritual Reading
      •      Holy Hours
      •      Stations of the Cross