What we offer

We are committed to ensuring the sustainability and growth of Nazareth into the future


  • reflecting the "heart and spirit of who we are"
  • demonstrating excellence and innovation in everything we do
  • and through the progressive development of interdenominational “communities of care” which offer a range of individualized support from independence through to end of life. 

Currently our community services are residential, although we do have a few independent living units on one of our sites.  We anticipate that over time, there will be many independent living units in every Nazareth community in Australasia.

Our service model is person centred, holistic, individualized, focused on the resident and on living, and places strong emphasis on lifestyle and wellbeing. 

Dignity and respect for the resident are paramount

Individualised care plans are developed in consultation with the resident, family and significant others to ensure they are appropriate to resident needs, interests and abilities. We also incorporate a lifestyle approach.  

Our services are personalised and include programmes, activities and events that are ‘age-appropriate’ and meaningful. 

Resident and family participation is important and is demonstrated in a variety of ways including through family conferences, collaborative care planning, surveys, meetings, and other strategies. 

The evaluation of service quality for all residents includes strategies such as review processes, feedback, measurement against key performance indicators, progress note reviews, incident reporting, and other service quality assessment processes.

All our services are accredited

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