Our Community Services

Our Houses have a full range of accredited services

including direct care and support, catering, laundry, wellbeing and lifestyle programmes, hairdressing, physiotherapy, podiatry, other allied health services, and facility maintenance.  Our services include:

Clinical Care

The clinical aspect of the resident’s care is only one part of the holistic care provided for residents.  This physical medical and nursing care is accompanied by the spiritual, emotional and psychological care to enhance every aspect of a resident’s wellbeing.  Our care is individualised personal care, evidence based and professional.

Each Nazareth community resident has initial and ongoing assessments of their clinical needs by qualified staff to ensure they are provided with individualised support and care.  

Clinical care and treatments are discussed with residents and their representatives, and are documented in comprehensive care plans to guide staff. All care is routinely reviewed.

Dementia Care

The care of residents suffering from dementia must always be carried out with compassion, empathy and respect, ensuring that the dignity of the resident is always upheld.

All our homes have dementia care units to meet the special needs of residents. Staff receive regular education and training in the management of dementia to ensure we reflect contemporary practice.

Our focus is on understanding and promoting the total wellbeing of every resident, while achieving the highest possible level of social, emotional and cognitive fulfilment.

Pastoral Care

The personal, spiritual and social wellbeing of those in our Nazareth community is nurtured through the care, support and friendship offered by the Sisters of Nazareth, chaplains, ministers and other pastoral carers.

Pastoral care is interdenominational, and respects the beliefs and perspectives of all residents.


All meals are prepared on site and served in spacious dining areas. Nazareth catering staff are well qualified and provide a varied seasonal menu with choices.  Individual and special dietary needs are catered for.

All menus are nutritionally balanced in consultation with dietitians and nutritionists.


Each Nazareth House has specialised cleaning services that incorporate efficient and environmentally friendly waste management. 

Dedicated cleaning teams maintain scheduled cleaning programmes to ensure that House presentation is always of a high standard and enhances residents' lives.


Laundry services are available on site at each Nazareth House. The home ensures all laundry services meet health and hygiene standards.


All homes have dedicated maintenance departments to ensure that the high standard of our internal and external environments are maintained.

Routine and corrective maintenance systems ensure our homes meet all legislative requirements and provide residents, staff and visitors with a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

Allied Health

A team of allied health specialists is available at each of our houses and includes physiotherapists, dietitians, pharmacists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and podiatrists.

Residents are encouraged and supported to use allied health specialists of their choice.  Some Houses offer in house dental services.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle 

Our Wellbeing and Lifestyle teams promote the health and wellbeing of residents through many different projects and programs.   

Activities include exercise programs conducted by trained staff. 

A wide range of social activities is available including tai chi classes, computer classes, craftwork, dancing, bingo, gardening, social outings and a variety of entertainers who visit the home.