Residents celebrate birthdays, Nazareth House San Diego, CA, USA 

The care, the ambiance, cleanliness and respect, are favorite things residents talk about when asked about their home at Nazareth House San Diego.

Barbara Ann, now in her 80s, was raised by the Sisters of Nazareth when orphaned as a child. She taught elementary school, retired and life came full circle, she said, adding, “and here I am back again in the loving arms of the Sisters.”

Toni likes the care, the feeling of being safe at home. Jane likes to go to church everyday and appreciates the short walk to the magnificent chapel.

Etta Mae said being here allows her to honor the Lord in daily prayer, surrounded by a community who feels the same.

But mostly, it’s the feeling of community, knowing that everyone needs extra help with daily living. “Everyone is in the same boat, and it’s a happy boat making its way to the kingdom of God one day at a time,” the word of the Lord, according to a smiling Elizabeth.