Core Values of the Sisters of Nazareth

The core values of the Sisters of Nazareth are Compassion, Hospitality, Love, Respect, Patience & Justice.

Philosophy of Care

To provide a caring environment where the residents feel nurtured and valued and where all their primary needs can be met in a warm homelike atmosphere without undermining their dignity, privacy or choice. The Sisters hope that the residents will make Nazareth House their own home in a very real sense.

To encourage residents to maintain their independence by participating in everyday living. This includes 24-hour care which does not lessen the self-esteem of the residents. Qualified staff are on duty at all times.

To provide progressive health-care service in relation to the special needs of older, frail and disabled people.

To provide a comprehensive range of sacramental and spiritual assistance to meet the individual religious needs and preferences of each resident.