Fine Dining

Fine Dining, Staff and Resident, Nazareth House Los Angeles, USA


The menu at Nazareth House Los Angeles was completely revamped when Chefs Cruz and Maggie signed on to head the kitchen staff. By all accounts, menus are as varied as delicious. Meals get rave reviews from residents. "Everything is so delicious and the presentation is mouthwatering, according to resident Vivian Rodrigues.

Residents have come to expect the unexpected and like it a lot. Old favorites are mixed with first-time entrees. Bravo. The dining room was recently renovated to insure a more comfortable dining experience.

Whether you're a breakfast aficionado whose tastes lean more to designer omelettes or just a sunny-side up kind of diner, the kitchen staff has you covered. Early riser? Come on in right after the sun comes up. For the late risers, breakfast on order stands until late morning.

Breads, rolls, pies and cakes are always fresh. Huge kettles of vegetable and chicken noodle soups simmer on large burners. Baskets full of freshly picked fruits and vegetables are scrubbed in deep metal sinks.

Homemade pizza is a favorite, as is fresh fish -- grilled, baked or broiled. Desserts always get an extra round of applause -- especially the apple strudel.

The kitchen and serving staffs are proud of the healthy meals prepared daily. They mix and blend tasty treats ripe with vitamins and minerals, following guidelines set by a dietitian. They strive to meet individual needs with delicious substitutions, ready and able to make special meals for residents with specific dietary restrictions.

The menu is rotated to ensure variety. Diners are encouraged to offer a favorite family recipe for review by kitchen staff. Some have been folded into the kitchen’s permanent offerings.

Baked tilapia layered on a bed of rice garnished with sprays of broccoli is a particular favorite with diners. Other popular dishes include Asian-style shrimp and broccoli, another oft requested entree. Soups are an early evening favorite, followed by a tasty dessert. Coffee, tea and conversation are sweet endings to a meal well served.

The aroma is a sensory noon-time dinner bell, inviting residents to a culinary feast. Susan, dining room manager, wanders from table to table, making sure that every diner's want and needs are addressed.

No detail is overlooked, from tablecloths and cloth napkins to table settings fit for company. Presentation is a big part of the dining experience.