Fun at Nazareth Pretoria


Living here is about going on with your own life. We have:

  • Weekly transport to nearby shops and banks etc.
  • Victorie’s gift shop run by two volunteer ladies sells small gifts and novelties
  • Themed lunches are given on birthdays, mothers’ day and other special occasions by Medicrest catering


Social events include:

  • Visiting artists, bingo drives birthday teas 
  • Choral recitals in the church
  • Celebration lunches
  • Weekly Movies
  • Craft activities

Keep checking our calendar for all our latest events


Where Our Day Begins

Morning has broken like the first morning

Black bird has spoken like the first bird

Praise for the singing! Praise for the morning!

Praise for them singing fresh from the word!


Mine is the sunlight!

Mine is the morning

Born from the one light

Eden saw play!

Praise with elation,

Praise every morning

God's recreation

of the new day


Early Morning In The Garden

Dawn heralds the arrival of the Hadedas.

These big ibises with their dark plumage shot with shiny green, their long, down-curved beaks and their wild loud cries invade our garden uninvited, foraging for good. Late morning sees them relaxing under the large palm trees and early afternoon it is back to work, probing every moist corner for worms and insects. As night settles in they fly off noisily with a great beating of wings and raucous cries of "haa" to their home in the kloof.

By now they have become part of our family and part of the garden surrounds.