Be compassionate as your heavenly Father is compassionate. 

Luke 6:36.

Victoire Larmenier showed compassion by seeking to relieve the existing suffering of those with whom she came in contact.
Being open and attentive to the whole person, spiritually, physically, and emotionally, we show empathy for the suffering of others and try to relieve that suffering.

Compassion In Action: 

It is the Nazareth Way . . .

Residents of Nazareth House and children from Nazareth School San Diego model, after our heavenly Father, numerous acts of compassion. We are particularly blessed to have such a wonderful and unique partnership between Nazareth House and Nazareth School as both seniors and children provided endless opportunities to engage in compassionate acts during their visits together.  A smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a hug or laugh, a joint adventure together are just some of the simplest treasures this reciprocal relationship and wonderful partnership in life affords.

Compassion truly radiates throughout these very enriching and meaningful visits with residents and children from Nazareth School as well other intergenerational opportunities that are provided in abundance at Nazareth House.

When the children arrive, the seniors’ faces light up instantly and great joy and happiness fills their tender loving hearts.  It is a very positive and uplifting experience for all who are involved.