The General Council elected August 2012

The Congregation wold wide is governed by the Superior General and her General Council, who are elected by the General Chapter, meeting in session every six years. The 25th such chapter took place in August 2012.

Sister Mary Anne Monaghan was re-elected for a second term in office. Two of her General Councillors, Sister Catherine Higgins and Sister Rose Hoye were also re-elected for another six-year term. The two new Councillors elected were Sister Brenda McCall and Sister Teresa Walsh.

The Superior General and General Councillors oversee the work of the Congregation, and are accountable to the Chapter for their stewardship of the Congregations's Mission and assets. They work as a team, and promote colloboration. co-operation and communication with Regions, Houses and across the Congregation.

The business plans for the next six years at Congregational, Regional and House levels will be reviewed, updated and developed to take the Congregation forward. This process will be led by Sister Mary and her Council.