Some Significant Dates

1851 - 1900

1851 Victoire Larmenier arrived in London.  

1857 First Nazareth House founded at Hammersmith

1860 A second house founded at Southwark

1861 Roman Decree required the Hammersmith community to re-unite with the Little Sisters of the Poor, or to separate completely. Victoire Larmenier and the majority of the Hammersmith community chose to be independent.

The Southwark community re-united with the Little Sisters of the Poor

1862 First Nazareth House in Scotland founded at Aberdeen

1864 Roman Decree authorised Cardinal Wiseman to recognise the Hammersmith sisters as a religious community, which he definitively constituted and approved under the title Sisters of Nazareth.

First professions of members of the Hammersmith community as Sisters of Nazareth

1867 1st General Chapter held at Hammersmith

1872 First Nazareth House in Wales founded at Cardiff

1876 First Nazareth House in Ireland founded at Belfast

1878 Victoire Larmenier [Mother St. Basil] died  

Mother Mary of the Nativity Owen succeeded as 2nd Superior General

1881 Roman Decree of Praise of the Congregation

1882 First Nazareth House in South Africa founded at Capetown

1888 Roman Decree of Approval and Confirmation of the Congregation  

First Nazareth House in Australia founded at Ballarat

1890 Roman Decree of Final Approval and Confirmation of the Congregation

1899 Roman Decree of Final Approval of the Constitutions

1900 - 2000

1905 First Nazareth House in New Zealand founded at Christchurch

1908 Mother Mary of the Nativity Owen died  

Mother Mary Clare of the Cross Greene elected 3rd Superior General

1922 Mother Mary Macnise Murphy elected 4th Superior General

1924 First Nazareth House in the United States of America founded at San Diego

1937 First Nazareth House in Southern Rhodesia [Zimbabwe] founded

1946 Mother Mary Emmanuel Hough elected 5th Superior General

1958 Mother Mary St. Donatus Hanbury elected 6th Superior General

1960 Erection of the Southern African Region

1961 Erection of the Australasian Region

1963 Erection of the American Region

1969 Erection of the Northern and Irish Regions

1970 Mother Alphonsus Joseph Kelly elected 7th Superior General  

Erection of the Eastern and Western Regions

1976 Mother Mary Austin Comerton elected 8th Superior General

1978 Centenary celebration at Hammersmith of the death of Victoire Larmenier

1982 Pope John Paul II stays at Nazareth House, Manchester

1984 First Nazareth House founded in Samoa

1988 Mother Bernard Mary Murray elected 9th Superior General

2000 -

2000 Sr. St. Hilary Marrinan elected 10th Superior General  

Incorporation of Eastern and Western Regions into newly constituted Northern and Southern Regions.

2005 Temporary mission in the Diocese of Nellore in India

2005 Victoire Larmenier Foundation established

2006 24th General Chapter held at Johannesburg

Sr. Mary Anne Monaghan elected 11th Superior General

2007 150th anniversary celebration of the founding of Nazareth House, Hammersmith

2007 John Gatward appointed as Clerk to the General Council

2008  Death of Sister St. Hilary Marrinan

2009 Amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Regions in one UK Region

2011 Major earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, leads to the dispersal of residents, and the eventual demolition of Nazareth House.

The community of Sisters maintains a presence there pending rebuilding

2011 Changes in the legal charitable structures of the Congregation including the creation of Nazareth Care [formerly Victoire Larmenier Foundation] to administer and manage the mission to the elderly  [Completed in 2012]

2011 John Gatward appointed C.E.O. of Nazareth Care

2012 25th General Chapter held at Hammersmith. Sr. Mary Anne Monaghan re-elected as Superior General

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