The Journey of Discernment

Pcture of the Hammersmith Novices as a group


The Vocation Director will support and guide you through this initial stage of discernment, inviting you to meet the Sisters when you believe the time is right.

If you feel this is the life to which God is calling you then you apply to become a Postulant.


This is when you enter the Congregation and are gradually introduced to the prayer life of the community, daily community living and the various ministries of the Congregation. This period can be from six months to two years and you will be accompanied by the Postulant Director.

 If you feel this is the life to which God is calling you to then you apply to become a Novice.


The novitiate is a two year period; the first year is known as the Spiritual or Canonical year. During this time you will have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with God through prayer and study. The study program includes study of Scripture, the Church, the vows and the charism of the Congregation. This is a grace filled time; a time when you will get to know your own heart and spirit at a deeper level. During the second year of the novitiate, there is the opportunity to work in the ministries of the Congregation while continuing to experience ommunity life. The Novice Director accompanies you through this discerning journey but personal formation always remains your own responsibility.

 If you continue to feel this is the life to which God is calling you, you request to be accepted for First Profession.

Temporary Profession

After first profession, you enter a new relationship with the Congregation and assume the rights and responsibilities of a vowed life. These vows are renewed annually for the following two years and then for two years – in all a total of five years.  This can be extended for nine years. Temporary profession is a period of growth and further discernment towards perpetual profession.

Final Profession

After perpetual profession, on-going formation is available for all Sisters. Through continuing formation which encompasses her whole life, the Sister deepens her consecration to God in all its fullness in keeping with the specific mission, character and charism of the Sisters of Nazareth.