Hospice 1

St Basil’s Hospice

The hospice has transformed from a facility for terminally-ill patients to a comprehensive palliative care facility where patients receive 24 hour quality effective care, including psychosocial support and are equipped with income generating skills such as knitting. The number of discharges continuously increases as patients’ health improves, especially single mothers who need to provide and care their dependants. The number of children left orphaned or vulnerable therefore also decreases, with more children growing up as contributing adults within their community.

The Support Group

The successful treatment given at the Hospice and the Clinic has necessitated the formation of support groups to assist in the rehabilitation of patients. Sewing, cooking and beadwork workshops are held to establish life skills for the generation of income by the recovering patients.

Many young TB or HIV sufferers give up hope and stop taking the medication that is critical for their survival. The younger support group meet to encourage adherance to the medication plan and to receive professional assistance.