Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

Students Nazareth School San Diego CA, USA

  • Planning and coordinating
  • Working with others
  • Leading or helping others

These are a few of the important life skills that are developed by our students. At Nazareth School, leadership formation begins in the classroom with small tasks appropriate to the students’ age. When it comes to leadership, there is no substitute for practical experience.

A Nazareth School, students begin to take on leadership positions through our system of peer leadership. They may be seen helping other students learn new concepts or problem-solving skills; older students guide younger students through the rituals of all-school liturgies, while others may run for student government positions. No matter what their specific choices or duties, all students learn and practice important leadership skills that will serve them well during their academic years at Nazareth School.

Student Council

The student government organization at Nazareth School promotes good citizenship, encourages involvement in school activities, demonstrates the practical application of democracy, and advances the welfare of the students. The Nazareth School student body elects a group of Officers and Members-at-Large from students in grades 6-8. The newly elected Student Council helps coordinate special events and fosters a spirit of leadership. The Student Council is involved in Community Service Projects and Catholic School Week’s events.

Community Service

At Nazareth School, we recognize the importance of service to others, and we believe we are called to love, to show compassion, and to foster these qualities in each member of our educational community. It is not enough to have gifts and talents. We must share our gifts with others.

The commitment to social justice and community service is learned at home and at school. It is an integral part of our Catholic ethos, philosophy, and mission. Community Service at Nazareth School is tailored to the age of the students and includes these opportunities and more: food drives, Christmas Toy Drive, and support during catastrophic events.