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Library Center

Creativity and passion fuel the urge to express the written word. Students are encouraged to explore various writing styles and find a comfortable voice to express themselves. The nurturing quiet of a library gives students the opportunity to visit other times and foreign places and then to discuss views with their peers.

Instructors at the Nazareth library help students explore and cultivate the intellectual and emotional components of written communication. The specific goal is to offer students an opportunity to peruse diverse content in multiple formats (print, digital, multi-media) that focus on personal inquiry, creativity, and expression.

Students visit the library at least once a week during the school day.  The library is also open after school.  "Reading Counts" is a supplemental reading program that the librarian coordinates with the classroom teachers.  The librarian also hosts Study Hall after school for students who wish to do homework or work on projects.



Perhaps the biggest challenge of this time for any school is to prepare students to deal with the constant change the computer age has afforded us.

Nazareth students have access to a computer lab that is consistently being updated, where an experienced teacher is always available. Computer education at Nazareth School is application-based.  Students develop skills that enhance their ability to explore and express their learning more effectively.  Teachers utilize technological resources to provde quality instruction that allows students to reach beyond the limits of their physical classroom.