Catering Services

At Nazareth House Manchester, good company is always on the menu in our stylish dining rooms, where you will meet friends and reminisce over breakfast, dinner, and supper. 

Our experienced Catering Staff offer fresh, high-quality, meals personalized to fit your needs. We design menus that reflect traditional and local tastes, and change our selections with the seasons to ensure we use the freshest ingredients. Special dietary needs are easily accommodated. Our food service staff takes time to get to know each Resident and caters to his or her tastes and needs.

Tray service is available along with snacks and beverages and fresh water  throughout the day. Tea/coffee and biscuits are served in the residents rooms twice a day and on request.

Please note that the home has protected mealtimes.  

Breakfast   7.30 - 10am
Lunch   12.15pm
Evening Meal     5.00pm
Supper   8.30 - 9pm