At Nazareth House we offer a wide range of activities catering for all tastes and interests.

The activities co-ordinator has regular meetings with the residents to discuss planned events and listen to any preferences they might have. A weekly activity schedule is displayed on a weekly basis publishing event's, so the residents can choose which activity is of interest to them.  

A typical month would include most of the following activities;

Music Sessions

Entertainers visiting to perform a selection of music from the residents’ era and good old-fashioned singalongs.

A really popular event is is the lounge chair excersise sessions, Physical activity to music while seated. Ball games such as skittles, catch, and mini basketball and gentle stretching excersises.

Poetry session on Friday morning at 11:00am. 

A variety of different craft sessions are taught, using a wide range of materials and textures. 

Ladies and gentleman's afternoon. 

Giving residents the opportunity to be creative and express themselves.  

Quiz/Card Games 

Relaxing with bingo, scrabble, crosswords and a variety of traditional card games. 

Pamper Days.

Residents One to One time. 

Weather permitting a nice stroll around the grounds followed by refreshments. 

Annual Events 

Seasonal events including Easter bonnet competitions, Christmas craft sessions, and birthday parties. 

We always participate in important social events such as the Olympics, World cups, Wimbledon, Weddings etc.

We also hold a number of charity events throughout the year for causes close to our hearts. 

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