The Campus

Resident and Son Nazareth House Fresno CA USA

Nazareth House Fresno is a safe and secure facility, centrally located in the heart of Fresno where the Sisters have tended to the needs of the city’s seniors for six decades.

Views from the paved walkways surrounding the one-story community feature lush gardens, tall redwoods, babbling fountains and blossoming citrus groves.

A morning stroll with friends provides the energy to start your day. Early evening walks give your legs a short workout before bedtime.

Comfortable outdoor seating areas beckon for guests to stop and visit for a while to admire the gardens or snack on a freshly picked orange or peach.

Inside, the building is filled with wonderful nooks and crannies. There is a beauty shop on site to pamper and please. A massage room offers soothing aroma therapy as well as a recliner that rolls, pats and stretches sore muscles. An exercise room features a treadmill and a stationary bike to burn those calories and keep muscles toned.

The auditorium boasts a grand piano with plenty of residents and guests who can sit and play new tunes and old. A few times a year, beginning and advanced music students hold recitals and appreciate a good audience.

The chapel remains open to visitors and residents throughout the day. The calm environment is particularly settling for those who need quiet time to meditate in God’s house. Daily Mass and rosary services draw big crowds and the feeling of family and community is strong. Guests are welcome.

Community activity rooms are furnished with large-screen televisions, comfortable couches, easy chairs and tables for playing board games, perfect for residents and guests to share quality time.

The community makes Nazareth House Fresno a great place to call home.



Nazareth House Fresno was established in 1952 as a residential care facility for seniors. The Sisters of Nazareth recently celebrated six decades of care for Fresno’s senior community. We are looking forward to serving the community's needs in the coming years.