Middle School

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

Students Nazareth School San Diego, CA USA

The pace of our academic program and its conceptual depth is well matched to our Middle School population.

Students come to us as Grade 6 children and leave after Grade 8, transformed into adolescents ready for high school. Our program responds to the academic, social, and emotional needs of this developmental stage.

This is accomplished by an academic program that has depth and by a culture which emphasizes responsibility and respect.  Students are prepared for the increased demands of high school.

The Middle School homeroom is the key to the adolescent student’s staying focused, comfortable and spiritually centered.  The homeroom is the communication hub for parents, student, and teachers:  a place where everyone is kept in the loop. It is also the center for discussions, traditions, and building cohesion for the entire school community.

It is a pleasure to see students grow in maturity, responsibility, respect, and competence in our Nazareth School Middle Division.  There are days filled with challenging course work, study, laughter, friendship, support, and prayer.  

We look forward to working with you and welcome you to visit our school.