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We, the Sisters of Nazareth, aim to share the love of God through our ministries of care and education and our openness to respond to the needs of the time.

"What so ever you do to the least of my people you do to me."

Words of Jesus Christ (Matthew 25:40)


Nazareth School Mission


It is the mission of Nazareth School to teach and guide students from various backgrounds in their spiritual, academic, physical, and social development.

As a Catholic institution, Nazareth School community members integrate the charism and core values of the Sisters of Nazareth into the educational experience.

It is the school’s aim to nurture mind, body and spirit in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust in God and to contribute to the larger community through service, worship and spreading the Gospel message.


Nazareth School Philosophy


The Nazareth School faculty and staff work in partnership with parents, the primary educators of their children, to provide a quality Catholic education.

God is the center of Nazareth School, and each child is a member of His family, created in His image.

Students develop a strong relationship with God, and grow in the rich traditions of the Catholic faith, through prayer, sacramental celebration and service to others. Gospel values are practiced daily.

Nazareth School is committed to building a bond of community among students, faculty, parents, religious and clergy.  Students embrace and celebrate social and cultural diversity.

Through a challenging academic curriculum relevant to the needs and abilities of the students, the children are prepared for higher education, to assume responsible citizenship, and to practice moral integrity in an ever-changing world.

Revised 9/21/09


Nazareth School Schoolwide
Learning Expectations


Nazareth School students are:


Faithful Catholic Christians who:

  • Proclaim and live Gospel values throughout their daily lives
  • Practice their faith through prayer, reflections and active participation in the Liturgy
  • Apply religious knowledge to life situations
  • Demonstrate Catholic Christian values of care, respect, compassion and service for others and self


Responsible, lifelong learners who:

  • Are creative and critical thinkers
  • Demonstrate competency in all subjects
  • Have a positive attitude towards learning and pursue opportunities to share their talents
  • Understand that they are responsible for their actions and that choices have consequences


Effective Communicators who:

  • Are active listeners who respect others' feelings, thoughts and ideas
  • Use oral and written communication skills with confidence and competence
  • Work well individually and as members of a group


Respectful, globally-aware citizens who:

  • Demonstrate an active responsibility for the environment
  • Practice social responsibility by responding to the needs of the local and global communities
  • Appreciate and celebrate cultural diversity
  • Recognize and respond appropriately to authority

Revised 9/21/09