Fine Dining

Staff and Resident Nazareth House Fresno CA, USA

The menu at Nazareth House Fresno is as varied as it is delicious under the watchful eye of Anilene Clarin, a dietary supervisor for nearly two decades.

Fresh is her mantra, and no wonder with the plethora of nearby vegetable farms and fruit groves.

The menus are mouth watering -- herb-roasted lamb chops on Sunday, prime rib au jus on Thursday and the old Saturday favorite, spaghetti with meatballs.

The aroma is a sensory dinner bell, inviting residents to a dining experience that makes you feel like company.

Guests enter the large dining area, seasonally decorated with flowers. A large mantel over the fireplace reflects a mood sure to bring a smile.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner meals each include a full array of items including healthy soups, fresh salads, hearty entrees and tasty desserts.

Caregivers and kitchen staff bring hot plates of food to diners at Nazareth House, with attention paid to special requests.

Mindful of taste and portion control, a dietitian carefully selects the right mixture of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates.

Have a favorite family recipe? Bring it along, Anilene wants to expand her menu. It's important that we offer food choices that our guests will enjoy, she says.

Mealtime, Elva Barajas wanders from table to table, fulfilling diners needs and requests. The staff works with monthly menu rotations to ensure variety.

The kitchen’s huge ovens turn out a variety of baked goods including breads, cookies, pies and cakes.

Presentation is a big part of the dining experience and residents often invite visiting family members to stay for a bite.