Life Enrichment

Staff and Resident Nazareth House Fresno CA, USA

Being active and alert is an important component of daily life for our residents at Nazareth House Fresno.

With input from our residents, staff has designed a number of programs to stimulate the mind, body and spirit. These requests help us create our monthly calendar of activities and events.

Recreational activities make a fun game of staying fit. Games of bingo challenge the mind and tickle the spirit; current event discussions keep the mind sharp; visiting pets generate lots of smiles and laughter.

Residents also enjoy the outdoors as they try their hand at working in our raised bed gardens.

And, there are always challenging exercise classes to keep the muscles toned and fit.

Each resident has a different set of plans and goals. This winning combination has produced great results, lots of physical and mental challenges and big smiles.

Residents enjoy individual pursuits and group activities sometimes planned on a whim. Our library is always open and features new a rotation of current titles.

Check the daily calendar and sign up for some fitness, fun and laughs.