Spiritual Support

Chapel Nazareth House Fresno CA, USA

From the moment you enter its doors, a feeling of calm serenity envelops the spirit at  Nazareth House Fresno. Small and cozy, it has a way of bringing the peace of the Lord in moments of gratitude and solace to the lonely.

The priest offers daily Mass and rosary services both in the chapel and at the nearby Care Center. Friends and family know they are welcome to attend services. Benediction is offered on Fridays.

Individuals of all faiths are welcome and supported in their beliefs. 

Scripture study and smaller prayer groups are popular with the residents.

The spiritual support shown to one another and by staff is a daily gift. There is peace and contentment here, both for residents and their families who have entrusted their loved ones to Nazareth House.

Our chaplain, Sisters and staff are always available to provide comfort and support.