In 1894 the Mother General of the Poor Sisters of Nazareth, in Hammersmith England, was asked by Reverend Father Schach, the Prefect of the Apostolic of the Transvaal to send six Sisters to start a Home in the new town of Johannesburg.  The objective was to serve the homeless human casualties of the sprawling mining camp that was Johannesburg.

By 1904 the Sisters had built this magnificent home that was to last for more than eighty years, housing approximately 300 orphan boys and girls and 300 old age men and women at a time.

In 1988 all the buildings were totally demolished, except for the Church, the Children’s Home and the Laundry building. The Sisters, with the help of local and overseas parishes, stirred the people of our city, and local businesses, and raised enough money to build the complex you see today.

new house