The TB infection rate has escalated beyond control and there are many different campaigns to motivate people to adhere to their medication as the virus is spreading at an alarming rate. The development of multi Drug Resistant TB has increased the need for the outreach programme even more.


This has created new challenges within the organisation, with the need for urgent care and malnutrition due to overcrowding in the homes and shelters. Providing care and support to patients extends beyond treatment but also aims to prevent infection between individuals and in communities. The overcrowded living conditions are extremely unhealthy for ill patients and an ideal environment for the breeding of germs and infections. Patients are encouraged to adhere to their medication, however the number of defaulters is still tremendously high.

Visiting day at Joe Lovo Squatter Camp

Hillbrow Clinic

Sister Bridget works closely with the Hillbrow Clinic. With her volunteer helpers, she visits, counsels, and ministers to needy AIDS and TB victims and their families, as well as the poor and destitute in Hillbrow, and the squatter camps in Jo Slovo and the Denver areas. Bread, nappies, mealie-meal, vegetables and clothing for the children and adults are distributed each week. In winter, blankets are sorely needed.

Home Visits

The outreach programme includes home visits, medical, physical and emotional support.  Nazareth House provides food for those who are ill, to improve their nutritional status and enable them to adhere to their medication and heal without infecting others due to ignorance.

Sr Bridget (Mama Zozo to the locals) calls again

The risks and options available.

The biggest challenge for the outreach programme is to provide continuous care to patients, as many move around and leave no forwarding address. Tracing them requires lot of time and is not always possible. Even with these challenges, the number of beneficiaries of the outreach programme continues to grow as more people are in need of care and support. Please click here to help our work.

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