Spiritual Support

Spiritual Support, Sisters of Nazareth Los Angeles, USA


From the moment you enter the chapel doors, a sense of calm serenity envelops the spirit. Staff and volunteers take pride in the quiet ambiance of the architecture and in the careful selection of artful furnishings.

The chapel is a beacon of spiritual centering, welcoming individuals of all faiths and denominations.

Father Frank Whatley sets the tone for this Christ-centered, loving ministry. Residents admire his welcoming ways, gestures they say, that make you feel blessed to be a part of the Nazareth House family.

Nazareth House Los Angeles Sisters and staff offer spiritual encouragement with kind words, smiles and prayers when most needed.

The beautiful chapel offers a place of solace for prayer or meditation. Individuals of all faiths are welcome and supported in their beliefs. 

Daily Mass is offered mornings at 7:10 and 9:30. A Holy Hour, a time for quiet prayer, is offered daily at 4 o'clock.  Friends and family know they are welcome to attend services. 

The Benediction is celebrated on Fridays; scripture study is always a popular activity on the calendar.

Sister Celine welcomes residents with a promise to care for their spiritual and emotional needs, a promise she never takes for granted. She ministers to residents through out the facility, offering daily communion to those who so wish. She is a spiritual mentor to staff and residents alike. 

The spiritual support shown to one another and by staff is a daily gift. There is peace and contentment here, both for residents and their families who have entrusted their loved ones to Nazareth House.