Plymouth Residents Craft Sale - August 2015


The resident’s well being is always at the forefront here in Plymouth.  Over the last five months the craft class has been working towards holding a craft sale.

For many years our local age concern used to hold a skilled hands exhibition and the resident’s enjoyed working towards this event over a 12 month period. Unfortunately Age Concern were no longer able to run this event and we had no goal for our craft work, so the residents came up with the idea to hold a craft sale in the home.

We turned the activity room into a shop and the resident’s involved have been very busy organising the stalls.

This has given them a purpose and self esteem has gone through the roof. The residents helped with the organising and selling of the goods. Our shop was open for a week and we also had a Tombola stall and a raffle, the stalls were manned by the residents. They enjoyed meeting people from the local community and also people from other parishes. The sale was a huge success and we raised £558:50 this will go to the activity fund to enable more fun activities for the residents in the future.