Nazareth School Fourteen Streams


Our outreach program is situated in the Northern Cape, in an extremely poor rural area 12 km outside the village of Warrenton, 100 km north of Kimberley. The people living in the surrounding areas, from where most of our learners come, are underprivileged and suffer enormous poverty. Unemployment is crippling – the majority of families are living way below the bread-line.

We operate a pre-school and nursery (The Crèche) for +/- 50 children, taking care of the early mental,

emotional, and spiritual development of the little ones. Our focus is on laying a sound Christian foundation for

future families so that they can be self-reliant and cope with the difficult circumstances raising themselves from the cycle of poverty.

This way we reach the young mothers as well. The little ones often come hungry to the

Crèche and we endeavour to provide three meals daily.

School Children

Besides the Crèche we have an Intermediate School – Grade 1 to Grade 9 –. Currently there are about 350

learners enrolled. Since most of the children come from extremely poor families the sisters provide transport,

uniforms, and second-hand clothing. The children receive one wholesome meal per day, which for most of them, is the only nourishment they will get for the entire day.

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