Our Care Services

start even before coming to the home, when a senior member of our care team will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your care needs. This will also involve family, as well as others involved - GP, medical consultants or any relevant community or social care personnel - to ensure that all your requirements are fully understood and met.

Shortly after you join us, the team will prepare an individual care plan. These guidelines and instructions are drawn up in consultation with everyone involved and will guide all of us to the goal of ensuring that all the medical, physical, spiritual and social needs are met. This care plan is reviewed and updated at least every three months to ensure that changing needs are met.

Once you have joined us, our care teams will ensure that you settle into new surroundings by minimising any apprehensions or worries. We have a welcome programme for new residents and we encourage people to bring their own belongings such as keepsakes, photos, radio or other things that will make the surroundings feel more familiar.

Ongoing Care

We want all our residents to be safe and happy within the home and we provide a secure environment with round the clock nursing care and medical services:

  • There is a designated visiting doctor
  •  Residents have access to their own doctor
  • A registered nurse is on duty 24 hours a day
  • We encourage the involvement of both the resident and the family in the planning of care.
  • Residents can self-manage prescribed medication
  • Flu vaccinations are available
  • there is a security monitoring system and an insursnce policy covering residents belongings.

It's your Home

so if you have any worries or concerns there is always someone to talk to and an active residents' committee meets monthly. There is an established complaint's procedure.