Our Stained Glass

Picture of the stained glass in the Village Chapel

One of the most attractive and important features of Larmenier Village is the amazing octagonal chapel at the heart of the complex which is open to all residents and visitors to the Village.  The chapel is enhanced by one feature in particular, the stained glass windows. These are traditional in style and are a colourful and beautiful addition.

The Sisters of Nazareth brought the windows all the way from the Nazareth House in Southsea in Hampshire to Lancashire in the 1980s and they became a focal point for the chapel in the newly built village. The windows probably date back to when the original Grade II listed building, in which they were housed, was built around 1900. When this building was redeveloped in 1985 many of the original features were salvaged and incorporated into other buildings.

They now take pride of place in the village chapel and are a fitting reminder of the long  history of the Sisters of Nazareth in the UK.