Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

Parents Nazareth School San Diego, CA USA

Studies have shown that students whose parents are involved in their school tend to do better than children whose parents are uninvolved.  We need your talents. Your time, help and support of our programs are very important to the continuing growth of Nazareth School. We encourage you to get involved on a committee, help a teacher in the classroom, take materials home or help with the Hot Lunch program.  There are many ways to help.



Parents, teachers and students are members of the school community. With the help of parent volunteers and parent participation in school functions, all members of the school community will benefit. Each family is expected to be involved, contributing a total of thirty hours each year (fifteen for single parents). Parent involvement in service to the school helps the school financially; more importantly, it is a tangible statement to the children of the parents’ value for the school and the education it provides.

The school’s primary expectation is that parents will be active educators and participants in the religious formation of their children.

The school has additional practical expectations of the parents. Tuition and fees do not cover the costs of education at Nazareth School. The difference between our revenue from tuition and fees and the expenses for running the school is considerable. This difference is made up by community subsidy and fundraising. We ask our parents to take an active role in the preparation and execution of our fundraising activities.

The school provides many avenues of communication. It is the parent’s responsibility to take advantage of these sources of information concerning the events and activities happening at Nazareth School.