Retirement Living with a Difference

Chapel at Southworth HouseThe Larmenier Retirement Village has been designed around the residents.  From the close association with the Sisters of Nazareth to its setting overlooking the spectacular Ribble Valley, everything about the village is about making life easier for residents and giving you the opportunity to live life at your own pace, free from time consuming domestic chores. At the heart of the village is the beautiful octagonal chapel where daily services are held. In 2012 a special Mass celebrated 100 years since the Sisters of Nazareth came to to Blackburn.  See more about our history. 

The core values of the Sisters still form part of the ethos of the Village where you can life as you want knowing that you are never far from a warm, safe and friendly community and with all the support services you need now and as your requirements change.

You are never alone unless you want to be