Saint Veronica’s End of Life Unit

Saint Veronica

The Sisters of Nazareth have dedicated their lives to caring for those in need since 1895. Nazareth House is open to everybody.
We give a 24 hour nursing service and our staff are devoted and dedicated, providing care for the body, mind & spirit, until the end of life, where the resident can die with dignity 
and tranquillity.


Many people’s medical aid runs out and they cannot stay at a private hospital.
Many hospitals discharge these patients, in order to admit patients who will generate more income.
Many hospices, step-down facilities and old age homes are full and have waiting lists.
Many people are scared to die at home.
Many people have to work and don’t want to leave their loved one, alone at home.
People don’t like to die alone.

At Saint Veronica’s, Our End of Life Unit consists of 9 beds and families are more than welcome to visit at any time or stay, until the end. 
We also have a beautiful Chapel or our church, Saint Joseph’s right next door.
Our cost is only R600 per day.
Families who wish to stay overnight pay a nominal fee of R250 per person, per day, inclusive of 3 meals. 

For more information please contact Eleanor Geldard
General Manager Nazareth House Johannesburg
Office number: (011) 648-1002
1 Webb Street, Yeoville, Johannesburg 2198