Becoming a sister

Sisters in discussion with novices  

On the grounds at Nazareth House Johannesburg we have a place called Marian House.   Here young women come to commence their ongoing discernment of their vocational call to the religious life.  This discernent period can go on from six months to two years which gives opportunities to consider, "is this really for me"? or "is this what I feel called to"?  It is called the time of Postulancy and a Postulancy Director is there to walk alongside on this journey. 

Read what our current postulants have to say about what this life means to them

Tetiwe Lupotsho           Virginia Mungofa

Is this for you?

The Johannesburg diocese Vocation Promotion Group hold a program at the Cathedral Hall the last Sunday of every month for young people who are interested in discerning their Christian vocation in life. All are welcome to attend, it starts at 10am and finishes about 3.30pm, Mass is celebrated during this time.


What is your Christian Vocation?