Special Educational Needs

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We have a positive partnership with parents and will always consult parents if we feel a child is having difficulties. A child’s progress is always observed, monitored and recorded as appropriate. Nursery will liaise with other professionals to ensure that we are offering effective provision for those with additional needs. We recognise the importance of regular liaison with other professionals to make and maintain good communication and working relationships. We always ensure that parents are involved and included in this interaction at all times.

We are wheelchair friendly with an automatic door with push button entry at an accessible height and we have a disabled/visitor’s toilet, all doorways and gateways are of an appropriate width to accommodate wheelchairs.

We aim to achieve inclusion and diversity through our policies & procedures, staffing, relationships with parents & carers and through links with the local and wider community.

Our nominated members of staff responsible for the role of SENCO (Special Education Needs Co-ordinator) are Allyson Jackson and Amanda Barker.

Please follow the following link Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) for further information on the SEND Team.