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Nazareth School Sports Program

The purpose of the After School Sports Program is to teach the basic Christian values of sportsmanship, cooperation and teamwork. The goals are to help promote friendship, provide leadership opportunities and help the students widen a positive attitude towards sports and athletic competition. The After School Sports Program is in a competitive league that believes we play to win, but "not to win at the costs."

It is expected that every boy and girl will be given the opportunity to play each game during each season.


Player Eligibility Grades 5-8

Students begin playing on Junior Varsity teams in the 5th or 6th grade and they play on the Varsity teams during the 7th and 8th grade.

A Junior Varsity player may be drafted by a varsity team during the season to fill vacancy, if necessary. Once drafted to a varsity team, a player may not play again at the Junior Varsity level in that sport.A Varsity player is not allowed to play down on a JV team and no JV or Varsity player is allowed to switch or rotate on other teams.

After School Sports Rules and Expectations

If a student is absent from school, permission to play in a game that day or if a student is absent from school on Friday, permission to play on Saturday is granted by the Athletic Director in consultation with the Principal.

Academic standards: In order to play after school sports at Nazareth School, a student must have a 2.0 GPA (C Average) on progress reports and quarter report cards.


Any team member who misses practice without a legitimate excuse will not start in that week's game and will have considerably less playing time.

Any player who misses a game without a legitimate excuse will not start in the following week's game and will have considerably less playing time: Excuses such as illness will always be accepted.

If a student has any appointment or other obligation that prevents him/her from attending practice or game, please advice the coaches a least 24 hours in advance. Detention or attending other sports functions is not considered an excuse.


After school sports are meant to be fun. Yet they are also very physical. If there are discipline or attention problems with a certain individual, it will be resolved through calisthenics. If the problem persists, that individual will be asked to leave the practice.


Any team member who misses a total of three practices or games due to unexcused absences will be removed from the team.

Any team member who is asked to leave at any time during practice due to a discipline problem will be given two chances to correct his/her behavior. The third instance will result in being removed from the team. There will be no exceptions.

These rules are meant for everyone in order to prevent injury and invoke a sense of fairness and equality among team members. The key to successful season is the strict adherence to these rules