Staff and Volunteers

Resident and Staff Nazareth House Fresno CA, USA

The Sisters and staff of Nazareth House welcome residents with a promise to care for their physical, spiritual and emotional needs, a promise no one takes for granted.

Volunteers are the icing on the cake. They can point you in the right direction, assist with an appointment, or track down a lost letter. They know how you like your coffee or tea and endeavor to treat you with respect and care.

Many volunteers came through these doors searching for a loving place for an elderly parent. They caught the spirit and gladly donate their time and talents -- most admitting that they get much more pleasure from the experience than residents.

Staff members have their own stories, drawn to Nazareth House to serve seniors. Their stories are ones of giving and kindness.

Their educations and professional experiences make them a perfect match to live, love and learn with the people who make their homes at Nazareth House Fresno.

Come meet the people who work and play here. Call us for a tour then drop by and talk to us in person. The opportunity to join our team as a volunteer may be just what your life is missing.