Student Dress Code

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

Students Nazareth School San Diego CA, USA

Dress Code

Nazareth School believes that a dress code is necessary not only in recognition of the economic necessities of families, but also because we hope that a de-emphasis of the material incentive placed on what one wears will foster an appreciation of the beauty that each student possesses as a child of God.  The uniform creates a sense of community, and encourages students to focus on the learning environment.

School Uniforms 

All children must be in full uniform or the uniform option (walking shorts) daily.  The full uniform must be worn whenever there is an all-school Mass and on other such occasions called by the principal.  

School uniforms may be purchased through Dennis Uniform Manufacturing Company.  Nazareth School’s PTG also runs a uniform re-sale program where gently used uniforms that children have outgrown may be purchased.

Special Dress Options

Occasionally, certain days will celebrate school spirit or a special community event with non-uniform dress.  Information regarding special dress options and expectations will be sent home with the children.