Nazareth House Tamworth was established in 1948

when a few Sisters of Nazareth travelled from Brisbane to the rural town of Tamworth and set up a Nazareth House in weatherboard huts which had been used as an Army Hospital during the war. 

The Tamworth community gave generously to support the ministry of the Sisters

and over the years sufficient money was raised to enable the construction of a new building which was opened in 1971.  95 residents were moved from the old Army huts to the new building.  The new chapel was opened in 1972.

However over the ensuing years the building did not meet the requirements of the new building code, and it was partly demolished. 

In September 2005, residents moved into another new building accommodating 90 residents and the community of Sisters.

We hope over time to establish a Nazareth Community of Care on our spacious Tamworth site 

The complex will include a 34 bed dementia specific facility, as well as a significant number of independent living units and various community services.