There's always something new and innovative happening at Nazareth House Tamworth. 

For example, it was the first House in the region to introduce an in house dental clinic, and recently an in house gym has been set up through local community sponsorship.

The Storytelling Programme 

is a service innovation that has been welcomed by residents and their families and friends.  Storytelling has been proven to be most beneficial and therapeutic in reaching out to residents who exhibit a tendency to withdraw from various activities or events.

The Storytelling Programme is based on each resident’s biography – the person’s own unique story detailing the achievements, accomplishments, ups and downs, interests and lessons learned throughout their long lives.  

Through this programme residents write and publish their own life stories with support and assistance from staff and volunteers. Photos, artwork, poetry and mementos may also be included in the book which is printed and bound.

The process of sharing and publishing a life story has many benefits for the resident, family and the broader community. For the resident it provides a meaningful and productive opportunity to record memories and reflections, and pass on key information to families and loved ones.  It can become a tool for healing and inspiration.

Telling the story of a life journey provides additional meaning in later life and is also an important contribution to the history of the broader community.