The Arts

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

Students Nazareth School San Diego, CA USA

Visual and Performing Arts

The Arts Program at Nazareth School is comprehensive, with offerings in both the visual and performing arts.

The philosophical foundation of the school’s programs  is to enhance a child's self-knowledge and self-expression. Students learn self-respect and respect for others through collaborative efforts in the classroom as well as in performance ensembles.

Visual Arts Program

The Visual Arts classes at Nazareth School emphasize that process is as important as product. Risk-taking is encouraged; in the arts there is no single right answer.  Each the talent of all of our students is displayed at our Annual Art Show.

Performing Arts

Nazareth School Drama Productions have distinguished themselves with a rich history of adventurous themes, outstanding quality, and an exciting creative environment for students.

The Performing Arts Program creates an environment that is both safe and stimulating for students improving self-confidence, better public speaking skills, and ability to work with an ensemble in cooperative ventures to achieve a goal.

Recent notable production include: Music Man, Alice In Wonderland, and Aladdin, to name but a few.

Both younger and older students are given the opportunity to participate in all aspects of a production: from singing chorus parts to leading roles.  Many students also participate in the productions as part of the Stage Crew.