The Campus

 Residents and Staff, Nazareth House San Diego, CA, USA


Nazareth House San Diego is nestled in the hills of Mission Valley overlooking California’s historic San Diego de Alcala mission.

Views from the paved walkways surround the one-story facility include the mountains to the east and grand vistas to the south. It is Spanish in its architecture; vibrant in its welcoming.

A morning stroll with friends provides the energy to start your day. Late afternoon walks make for a good appetite before dinner. Summertime, the sun shines warm for one last trek before bedtime.

Comfortable benches beckon for guests to stop and sit for awhile. Or admire the raised garden beds and pick a strawberry to snack. Last season’s tomatoes wound up on the luncheon menu, garnering appreciative smacks and smiles.

Inside, the building is filled with wonderful nooks and crannies. There is a beauty shop on site to pamper and please.

A massage room offers soothing aroma therapy as well as chairs that roll, pat and stretch sore muscles. An exercise room features a variety of walking and biking equipment to burn those calories and keep muscles toned.

The huge auditorium boasts a grand piano with plenty of residents and guests who sit and play new tunes and old. A few times a year, beginning and advanced music students hold recitals and appreciate a good audience.

The large wooden doors to the chapel remain open to visitors. The calm environment is particularly settling for those who need quiet time to meditate in God’s house.

Daily Mass and rosary services draw big crowds and the feeling of family and community is strong. Guests are welcome.

Larger screen televisions are placed throughout the area for community viewing. Solariums are furnished with comfortable couches, easy chairs and tables for playing board games: perfect for residents and guests to share quality time with privacy.

Each room provides an outside access door with a private patio area. Huge windows face north, south, east or west. The temperate weather makes San Diego Nazareth House a great place to live.


The first Nazareth House of San Diego was established in 1924 as an orphanage and later transformed into an elementary school. The senior living center was built on the upper property overlooking the Mission site in 1974.