The Community

Residents and Sister Nazareth House Fresno CA USA

The ambiance  speaks of peace and comfort . Residents like the old-world charm combined with all the modern amenities.

Most smile when talking about being home at Nazareth House Fresno.  For some it’s a new setting; for others, it’s like revisiting a memory from long ago.

Wriley remembers tagging along with his father during the weeks his dad was hired to put a tile roof on the new residence.

Sixty years later, he finds himself living in the home his father helped build.  But it’s so much more than walls and a roof, he said, is about the warm feelings of being home.  “I have a strong connection to Nazareth House.  I  remember coming here as a youngster and feeling welcome and I feel just as welcome all these decades later.”

Violeta Maria said she feels cared for and that she draws a lot of strength attending daily Mass in the chapel.  “It gives me a warm feeling that lasts the day,” she said.  “The peace and quiet in the chapel is my way of starting each day.”  This and the feeling of community keeps her centered and feeling blessed.  “Who gets to ask for more?  Not me.”

Henrietta likens Nazareth House to a fancy hotel and says she couldn't be happier or more content.  No such thing as a stranger, she says, adding, every one is a stranger until you meet them. Then it’s like being wit more  family; we’re a big, comfortable family.” 

Mary first walked through the doors of Nazareth House as an employee. She worked as a nurse, spending 11 years caring for residents before her retirement. Later, she found that she was the one in need of extra care. “I always knew I wanted to live here when I needed assistance and here I find myself. I feel blessed.”

Annette also worked at Nazareth House before signing on as a guest. The former bookkeeper says she is content and finds a sense of peace and security living here.  “I would not live anywhere else.”