Tour Our Campus

Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

Nazareth School Grounds


The tree-lined meandering road leading into the heart of Nazareth School offers parents a snapshot of the safe environment where children have come to grow and learn for nearly a century. Conveniently located in the center of San Diego’s busy Mission Valley, the quiet is surreal, nurturing body and spirit.


White adobe buildings with terra cotta tiled roofs dot acres of greenery. Outside the quiet halls of learning, children are encouraged to pick a sport of choice and play on acres of grassy softball and soccer fields. Black-topped courts beckon those who prefer a game of basketball or volleyball. And there is more than one hopscotch challenge for the younger children drawn outside a gallery of play toys, swings and monkey bars.


The campus boasts a recently upgraded computer lab and two libraries serving our children from preschool through eighth grade.  Nazareth School recently remodeled its multi-purpose auditorium  and entry-courtyard to create a physical heart of our communhity that is dynamic and welcoming.  The Nazareth community has created the perfect environment to prepare the student of today for the leadership challenges of tomorrow.


If you would like a personal tour of our campus, please call the school office for an appointment.