Nazareth School San Diego, California, USA

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Tuition and Affordability

Choosing a private Catholic education unquestionably entails an expense, but our families find that the advantages of a Nazareth School education are worth the cost. The school’s personalized curriculum and careful cultivation of each child’s spiritual and emotional growth and well-being will pay rewards for years to come in students who grow to become confident, creative, and productive adults.

In the current economy, Nazareth School is committed to making our education as affordable as possible for our families. In order to make a Nazareth School education affordable to families in variety of diverse economic situations, we offer a variety of payment plans and family discounts.



FACTS Tuition Management Service allows parents to pay tuition through an automatic monthly withdrawal from a designated bank account. Parents may schedule payments on an annual basis of ten, eleven or twelve months. There is an annual fee for this service.


Tuition Assistance

The Sisters of Nazareth provide tuition assistance to qualifying families of children in Kindergarten to 8th grade. This fund, while limited in resources, may assist families during difficult times. Parents may apply for tuition assistance by completing an application with Tuition Assistance Data Service: TADS.  Families must be registered at the school to apply and the application period is open from April 15 to June 16.

Parents are also encouraged to contact their parishes to see if the parish has a tuition assistance program for children attending Catholic schools.