Volunteer & Resident Nazareth House San Diego CA USA


So much to do, so many willing hands. Nazareth House San Diego volunteers tackle everything from mundane office work to bartending at socials. The list of talents is only surpassed by the numbers of people who have signed on willingly to give of themselves.

Friends of Nazareth plans and produces monthly functions and the group prides itself on unexpected celebrations as well as traditional holiday parties.

The residents are blessed with lots of music -- choral groups, harpists, pianists, children’s choirs and a square dance or two for good measure.

Linda and Ray visit often with a suitcase filled with musical instruments and a song in their hearts -- big hearts that spread a lot of joy.

If it is Tuesday morning, count on the puppies from LOVE HEELS Canine Partners to sit, stay, heel and beg with big, brown eyes for a pat and a cookie. So many laps to sit on, so little time.

“B-4,” echoes though the auditorium and a hush falls over the room as seniors scan their cards looking for the magic number. Paul, also known as “Mr. Bingo,” has their undivided attention. “Every number has a story and every player in the room has a Bingo story. We have a lot of laughs.”